We aim to create relatable, easy-to-use and educational resources for all ages to support mental health. From lesson plans to videos to assemblies, we have a wide range of resources suitable for everyone

All our resources are created by us, but vetted by mental health professionals, teachers and safeguarding experts


We have a wide range of lessons available suitable for Primary, Secondary and Beyond. All our lessons include lesson plans, powerpoints and worksheets. From Gratitude to Emotions to Mental Health Support, we have a bank of lessons free of charge!



We have a range of mental-health related videos of all sorts for you to use for free. Some of the videos have been made by/for us, others from other organisations we work with.

Spark Newsletter

The Spark Newsletter is our half-termly newsletter written by young people for young people. Each half-term we talk about important issues and hot topics.


Self Care Acts

We have created 8 easy and quick self care acts that we believe are vital in supporting positive mental health. Working with designers and mental health experts, we have created these self care acts to be important and easy for everyone.


We have a selection of video assemblies recorded by us as well as assemblies for you to present yourself. 

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Book Shelf
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Other Resources

We are lucky to have a huge network of organisations we work with on various projects.

The How People

A Digital Community offering online courses, workshops and events for young people talking about wellbeing and happiness

Think Health

Think Health specialise in the hunter method. The HUNTER Method is a course that shows you how to take off the judgements, opinions, criticisms and effects of situations that you’ve been carrying around with you.

We Will!

We Will! Are a team of inspirational young people in Cumbria who have campaigned for better mental health education. They have created several incredible educational videos for schools and have worked with BBC Newsround to create a short film on mental health