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This 1 hour workshop offers tips and advice for students on looking after themselves during the exam period and the importance of self care.

Monday 27th February: 2pm-3pm

Friday 17th & 31st March: 9.30am-10.30am

Monday 27th March: 2pm - 3pm

With Exam Season coming up for Year 11s & Year 13s, anxiety and stress levels can be high. Spark UK is excited to be launching 4 free workshops for secondary schools and colleges on Exam stress in collaboration with The Youth Fairy and Kerry Keenan Mindfulness & Wellbeing. 


The 1-hour session will teach students about anxiety, mental health and offer ways to practise self-care during exam periods and beyond. The session will also teach students self-care and offer ways to support themselves at times of anxiety. By the end of the session, students will create a self-care timetable for their exam period. 

The workshop has been developed by Spark UK - an award-winning mental health organisation run by young people for young people based in Devon, UK. The session will be led by 17-year-old Conor Warren, the CEO of Spark UK. Conor did his GCSE exams in May 2021 and is now a 6th form student. The workshop will also be led alongside Katie-Rose Leitzell, therapist, youth fairy for Barnstaple & Bude and an ex primary school teacher as well as Kerry Keenan, a mindfulness practitioner. 

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Katie-Rose will be co-running the sessions on Monday 27th February & 27th March Only.

Kerry will be co-running the sessions on Friday 17th & 31st March Only.


For more information on The Youth Fairy, go to

For more information on Kerry Keenan Mindfulness & Wellbeing, go to

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