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Spark UK is a mental health organisation run by young people for young people. Our aim is to 'Spark conversations around mental health' by creating a range of resources, campaigns and lessons for schools and young people across the country. All the team are aged between 14-18 and based in North Devon, UK.

Spark UK runs several annual campaigns including The All Star Advent Calendar. The team also work in partnership with other organisations to spread awareness of mental health in young people. Spark also creates relatable and educational mental health resources for schools across the UK. These lessons and resources are created by our team and vetted by mental health professionals and teachers. 

Spark UK also participates in several university research projects, national campaigns and mental health related projects. The team also deliver talks and keynotes at events across the country.

Spark UK was founded in 2020 by then-14-year-old Conor Warren. In Early 2021, Bridie Downing, Joseph Carter and Tegan Phillips joined the team. In Early 2022, Kaia Bond and Noah McNamara joined the team.

People we work with....

Here at Spark UK, we are always eager to work with a range of people and organisations across industries that share similar values to us

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