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The All Star Advent Calendar is back for 2022!

December is fast approaching and we are excited to launch our All Star Advent Calendar for the second year! Similarly to a traditional advent calendar, the all star advent calendar has 24 digital doors to open in the lead up to Christmas. However, instead of chocolate behind each door, we have videos from celebrities talking about mental health.

Not only do we aim to raise awareness of mental health, but we aim to raise money for 2 incredible mental health organisations, who we share similar values to - Place2be & Papyrus. Place2be is a UK mental health charity aimed at improving children’s mental health in schools by providing one-to-one and group counselling, expert training and professional qualifications. PAPYRUS is also a UK charity aimed at preventing youth suicide and promotion of positive mental health in young people. All money raised will be split 40% to Place2Be - 40% to PAPYRUS and 20% to Spark UK.

This year we have a huge line-up of stars including Dame Judi Dench, Fearne Cotton, Mark McKinney and Riyadh Khalaf. Each day will receive mental health tips of the day, cheesy jokes and light-hearted fun, all aimed to spark a conversation around mental health.

The All Star Advent Calendar is aimed at people of all ages both in & out of school. We will be creating promotional assemblies & resources dedicated to schools for the Christmas period, as well as social media content for teenagers and beyond.

The Advent Calendar will begin on 1st December and can be viewed here: or through our Instagram & Facebook pages.

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