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The Scheme

The Spark Ambassador scheme aims at encouraging young people to take action on mental health and become the advocates for it in their communities and schools. The scheme offers free training and support for primary, secondary and further educations across the UK.

Spark UK was founded in 2020 by Conor Warren - a then 14 year old student living in North Devon. Conor and the rest of the team met while in Secondary School, taking part in a 10 week training programme aimed at teaching students about mental health. Within 2 years of participating in this scheme, the students delivered talks to numerous local schools as well as at several educational conferences and events. The students also partnered with several community organisations to spread awareness of mental health in the community. This scheme is something we want to introduce into educational establishments across the UK. 

Students will begin the process by taking part in a 2hour training programme delivered by a 'Spark Mentor'. This training programme will be split into 3 modules - 

                Module 1 - An Introduction to Mental Health

                Module 2 - Where to get support in the local community and beyond

                Module 3 - Developing presentation skills 

The aim of the training is to teach students about mental health and where to go for support as well as to establish skills in oral presentation and team work.

After the training programme, ambassadors will get access to a dedicated website which features resources from a range of organisations and professionals. The website will also feature contact details for local patrons (organisations and professionals involved in the scheme). We will also host monthly webinars for ambassadors to take part in.

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