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Eating Disorders

Eating disorder week commences on 28th February and is designed to raise awareness on the subject and educate people on the different eating disorders. The theme for this year is 'why wait'. This is because on average 149 weeks pass before someone with an eating disorder seeks help. That is nearly 3 years! This is mostly due to the lack of education on this subject, however, the week aims to make a difference and get people talking. They plan to empower young people to take action and find help.

There is a wide range of eating disorders from Anorexia to Rumination Disorder. They affect the mind and body differently and symptoms for each vary. Eating disorders are most commonly found in teenagers, however, there have been cases in children as young as 6 and as old as 70. The most common eating disorder is Anorexia, this is where patients restrict their diet over the fear of being overweight. What causes this can vary from each person, nonetheless, all should be taken seriously.

My personal experience with Eating Disorders is with Anorexia. I'd be scared of eating and avoid meals for months as I'd feel guilty about myself. It was a really tricky time for me but thankfully I am a lot better now thanks to the continued support from my family and great friends.

All I can say to people struggling with eating disorders is to keep as positive as you can - Remember you are inevitably amazing and don't let the voice in your head, or anyone else, tell you otherwise!

For more support or information on eating disorders, head to

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